Hello, world!

Welcome to the personal website of Thomas De Wilde.
Here you can get to know me, read my latest blog post or take a look at my portolio.

Who is this guy?

Hi, my name is Thomas De Wilde.

I'm a young IT professional specialized as System Engineer with a passion for nature.

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What is he doing here?

On this website I introduce myself, show off my portfolio and I plan on keeping a blog.

In my blog I will talk about articles I found interesting or about fairs and events I've visited.

In my portfolio you can find the work I've done as an IT professional, a list of the fairs and events I have attended, and some certificates.

In the future I would like to start writing my own guides related to SysAdmin.

Why would he do that?

Why wouldn't I?

I can only find good reasons for doing this:

  • Share the things I discover.
  • Get to know others with the same interest.
  • Keep track of my professional life.
  • Keep an overview of my skills.
  • Expand my knowledge of webtechnology.
  • ...
  • Have fun while I'm at it!